GM Voogt cc can assist with:

  • Certified welding inspectors who can advise manufacturers to ensure their compliance to ISO 3834 (comprehensive).
  • The selection and use of various international welding standards or codes regarding design applications
  • The compilation of preliminary and / or qualified welding procedure specifications on behalf of the manufacturer, including mechanical testing, witnessing and documentation to ensure strict compliance.
  • Technical direction for mechanical and non-destructive testing of weldments.
  • Technical leadership for failure analysis, fracture mechanics assessment, welding, non-destructive inspection and testing.
  • Expertise and technical support in evaluation and selection of materials, welding, heat treatment, soldering, brazing, plating and surface coatings, mechanical testing, materials and process design changes, manufacturing engineering, metallurgical processing, and related areas.
  • Problem identification and solutions for failures, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue, dissimilar metal corrosion, galling, wear, weld cracking, and evaluation of various weldments or component defects effects on remaining useful life.
  • Evaluation and solving of material problems on castings, forgings, powder metals, weldments, fibre reinforced metal matrix composites, polymeric materials and fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites.