Inspection Activities (Statutory and NDE)

Only personnel suitably qualified and certified competent as per the relevant Act should perform activities consisting of internal and external inspections and pressure testing. During this operation the condition and calibration of the safety valves as well as the applicable pressure gauges are also checked. Safety valves will be adjusted if required, either on-site or at an independent facility if so required. Problem areas are identified and plant management is assisted to determine potential failure trends.

In-house services such as specialized non-destructive examinations (NDE) i.e. dye-penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, ultrasonic and ultrasonic thickness measurements can also be performed if required. These processes are performed to approved written procedures by suitably qualified technicians. Pneumatic pressure testing, chemical or high pressure cleaning and various other maintenance activities can also be conducted by arrangement. Re-certification of uncertified equipment and repair activities by means of welding can also be arranged and manage

Inspection Frequency

In terms of the OHS Act no 85 of 1993 and the Minerals Act no 50 of 1991 it is compulsory to inspect and test pressure vessels, steam generators (boilers) and systems under pressure as per the following frequencies if the manufacturing data and history is in order:

  • OHS: Inspect and test every three (3) years
  • Minerals Act: Inspect yearly and pressure test every 2 years

Items to be inspected

Vessels falling within the scope of the Respective Acts are typically:

  •     steam generators (boilers),
  •     air receivers,
  •     steam jackets,
  •     condensers,
  •     heat exchangers,
  •     pressure cookers,
  •     any other vessel meeting the requirements as indicated in the Act.