GM Voogt cc is able to assist in the expediting of engineering and consumer goods for the local and export markets. The functions carried out include:

  • Evaluation of new manufacturers and / or suppliers on technical and financial capabilities prior to an order being placed on them.
  • Carrying out of Contract Review Meetings with management once an order has been placed on the manufacturer and / or supplier to ensure that all aspects of the contract are understood and accepted by all parties.
  • Expediting of orders to ensure that contract dates and order requirements are met.
  • Perform post order coordination with vendors and expedite materials to ensure delivery schedule match specifications.
  • Coordinate timely flow of engineering documents, certificate tests reports and inspection reports between supplier and concerned sections.
  • Handle any delivery inconsistencies and exercise judgment with defined procedures and practices to deliver appropriate action
  • Document expediting track record so that necessary personnel’s are aware of the status of an order