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Approved Inspection Authority

Activities as contemplated by the PER Regulations of the OHSACT, Act 85 and the Minerals Act 29.

Design and Fabrication

Our design and fabrication function includes the: Design verification for and inspection of steel structures, pressure vessels, steam generators...


GM Voogt cc is able to assist in the expediting of engineering and consumer goods for the local and export markets.

Non-Destructive Testing (Ndt) Consulting

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Consulting can be provided in order to assist clients with the selection of the correct NDT type and...

Project Support

GM Voogt cc is capable of managing, co-ordinating and supporting projects of varying size and complexity.

Quality Assurance

During enquiry stages, a technical assessment audit can be carried out on each intended sub-contractor to ensure that they are capable ...

Statutory Inspections

(In-service preparation, inspection & testing of steam generators (boilers), pressure vessels and structural steel i.e. masts)

Welding Consulting

GM Voogt cc can assist with: Certified welding inspectors who can advise manufacturers to ensure their compliance to ISO 3834 (comprehensive).