GM Voogt cc is capable of managing, co-ordinating and supporting projects of varying size and complexity. We specialize in assisting our clients on problematic projects by retrieving the lost time and by so doing saving the project on P&G’s, with the clients support.

Our Project Involvement includes:

  • Supplying of a QA Manager, Site Quality Co-Ordinators, QA Inspectors, Expeditors, Handover Personnel and End of the Job Deliverables
  • Supplying of Construction Management Teams
  • Assisting on the QA / QC and expediting function.
  • Inspections on Plant upgrade equipment
  • Inspections on forged items for the petrochemical industry.
  • Inspection and expediting of mechanical equipment to flame proofed standards.
  • Inspection on Mining Infrastructure and Boremill equipment.
  • Inspections on Head Gear, Primary Mill Conversion to Ball Mill and Secondary and Tertiary Mill Upgrades
  • Assisting overseas clients with OHS Act compliance in South Africa
  • Technical back-up in meetings and ensuring meeting of overall technical and quality contractual obligations.
  • Technical Assessment Support
  • Asset Management Support
  • Plant Reliability Support
  • Pre-commissioning inspections on all pressure vessels, piping and mechanical equipment for Refrigeration, Fermentation, Steam Generator (Boiler) and Process Plants.