• Activities as contemplated by the PER Regulations of the OHSACT, Act 85 and the Minerals Act 29.
  • Design review and drawing approval/verification
  • Re-certification of boilers and pressure vessels
  • Verification of incoming materials, cast number transfer of materials and reporting (ISO 3834 & SANS 347)
  • Verification of fabrication i.e. witnessing of weld preps, fit-ups, etc.
  • Reviewing / witnessing and evaluation of NDE
  • Witnessing of shop pressure tests
  • Stamping of nameplate and countersign / issue Certificate of Compliance
  • Progressive review and final approval of data books
  • Witness of statutory in-service pressure tests on pressure vessels
  • Annual visual inspections and 36 monthly statutory inspections on steam generators
  • Inspection of new and modified steam generators (boilers), pressure vessels and systems under pressure
Authorised Inspection Authority Activities On:
  • Installation of Gas Lines
  • Fabrication of GRP vessels
  • Fabrication of metallic pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • Fabrication of Heat Exchangers, Drums, Steam Generators (Boilers) Reactors and site installation of piping and related equipment.

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